We must win Georgia. Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue must go to the U.S. Senate. The black vote will be crucial to whether this happens. STAND America PAC is making a direct appeal to the black voters to either vote for Republicans or as a matter of conscience, not vote for Democrats. No one else is doing this on a national scale, but it must be done if Republicans are to win in Georgia and achieve electoral success in states where there are significant black populations.

For most conservatives, it is shocking that Democrats, cheating or not, could win statewide in the peach state. Georgia has been reliably red. With the exception of Bill Clinton in his first election for President, a Democrat has not won in Georgia since 1984. No Democrat has been elected Governor in Georgia since 1998, twenty-two years ago. Republican gubernatorial candidates have won statewide by an average of ten points until 2018. Brian Kemp won by 1.4% or 50,000 votes out of nearly 4 million. The unthinkable has happened. Georgia has become a battleground state.

What most Republicans do not know is that Democrats predicted this ten years ago. Ron Brownstein wrote in a 2011 article in The Atlantic that changing demographics would give Democrats electoral victories in Georgia and other once reliably red states. They had their eyes or turning Georgia from red to blue a decade ago.

In his book, Brown is the New White, Steve Phillips, billionaire Democrat activist, calls for a shift in progressive electoral strategy to radicalize, register and mobilize minority voters. Those voters and progressive whites, he argues, are the “New American Majority” to take our country into a brave new socialist future.

The Georgia Run-off

Writing in 2016, Phillips said the following about Georgia elections:

“Georgia elections are usually decided by 200,000–300,000 votes (Obama lost the state by 205,000 votes in 2008 and 305,000 votes in 2012). Georgia has nearly 1 million people of color who are eligible to vote but currently not participating in elections. Simple math shows that those voters of color could shift the balance of power and determine electoral outcomes if they were registered and mobilized. In 2014, the representatives of several progressive billionaires held a conference call to discuss how to help Democrats win in Georgia. At the time, Georgia house minority leader Stacey Abrams had organized a very promising program that needed $6 million to register and turn out 200,000 voters. Despite the extraordinarily deep pockets of the people whose representatives were on the call and their evident interest in Georgia, most of them were not interested in investing in a voter of color registration and mobilization program. Their preferred form of engagement was to fund television ads targeting the largely White pool of “likely” voters.”

Phillips was using 2012 Census numbers. Donors were not ready to give Abrams $6 million in 2014, but in the 2019-2020 election cycle, Stacey Abrams Fair Fight PAC raised $67,560,305. As of November 23, 2020, they had $22 million in cash on hand to start the next cycle. Left wing donors have seen the light, and it portends great darkness for the country if we do not answer.

The public emphasis of Fair Fight is on voter registration and turn out, but there is a very heavy racial propaganda component. Here is what they say on their website under the heading, Why We Fight:

“Like the poll taxes and literacy tests of the Jim Crow era, modern voter suppression efforts are relentless and effective.”

Any effort by conservatives to assure the integrity of the ballot is more evidence of those racists still doing what they did during the Segregation Era - denying black people and other minorities the right to vote. It’s preposterous of course, but if it goes unchallenged, it becomes accepted truth, at least in the minds of voters Stacey Abrams and her cohorts are reaching.

The mainstream media echo this racial propaganda. Conservatives must challenge it directly, persistently and broadly. Right now, our organization is the only one doing that. We are being as effective as possible with very limited resources. We need to achieve saturation in these communities to counter the far-Left narrative - “vote for Democrats or those Republican racists are going to get you.”

We must expose and counter the falsehood with the truth about what conservative policies like school choice, protection of unborn life, strengthening families and lower taxes and regulations can do to improve the lives of black Americans, other minorities, their businesses and communities. That is what we will do in Georgia leading up to January 5th. Radical Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock is completely out of touch with traditional black voters who work, go to church, are pro-life and believe in the traditional family and free enterprise.

It is high risk for a Republican candidate to challenge whether a black candidate represents the values of the black community. Doing so could backfire. However, black Pastors can do this effectively.

There are black ministers and their congregations who voted knee jerk Democrat until they heard our message that the Democrat Party is asking them to betray their values and rebel against God. The black voting population of Georgia must hear this message. Indeed the entire black population of America must hear it, not just at election time, but consistently and repeatedly. Time is short for Georgia, but every poll indicates that the run-offs will be close. A percentage or so could make the difference. Joe Biden’s so called “win” in Georgia, was by only 10,000 votes out of 5 million cast. These races could be decided by a few thousand votes. There is still time.

The Mission of STAND America PAC

Democrats are manipulating black voters with the charge that America is hopelessly racist, and only Democrats can rescue them. Recruiting “progressive” black candidates is an important part of that emotional appeal. The explicit mandate is that blacks should vote for them because they “look like me.”

There is no end to the exploitation of race. Unless there is a clear, unequivocal and powerful response to this propaganda, the Left will take America. We are seeing the implicit and explicit promotion of socialism as the answer to “social and racial injustice.”

The mission of STAND America PAC is to expose this lie and oppose the candidates who traffic in it.

We are the only conservative political organization in America whose mission is to go directly into the black community with a response to the racial demagoguery of the Left and the ultimate objective of bringing them into the conservative movement.

We have a network of Pastors in twenty states who are committed to this work. We have reached tens of thousands through videos and social media. We need to reach millions. We must expand this effort. We are going to use gospel radio stations and social media to target these communities. Before COVID, we also hosted live church services and forums. Until the pandemic hysteria recedes, we will be using virtual meetings to reach large numbers, but meeting privately and in small groups with pastors.

This effort started with a nonprofit in 2009 (STAND) with a mission to educate black and other minority voters to lead them out of the Democrat Party. The organization started in Virginia with me and a handful of others.

Today - eleven years later - we have a presence and support in every state in the country, except Hawaii.

We have come a long way, but to reach the ultimate objective of saving

our country, there is much more to do. We believe that our greatest impact is inspiring black Americans, particularly Christians, to vote their values and align themselves politically and culturally with others of like mind.

When the Left loses the black vote, their political machine is dead. They have manipulatedAmericans of African descent with lies and fear. They teach a deeply biased view of American history. Joe Biden famously said to a black audience during a campaign, “They gonna put ya’ll back in chains.”

That is the kind of demagoguery the Left uses to hold on to voters they desperately need. We can destroy that stronghold. We have black ministers in every state where there is a significant black population. Between now and the 2022 election we could strengthen and expand that coalition. Over the next four years we could transform it into a powerful cultural and political force. We only need the resources to do so.

President Trump won the state of Michigan in 2016 because he doubled the black vote for the Republican candidate in 2012. Instead of the 4% Romney received, Trump won 8%. That small change was the deciding the factor. Multiply that effect across the country, and the impact will be revolutionary.

Our goal is to subvert the Democrat strategy of bringing blacks and other minorities into the progressive fold. We want them in the conservative movement. We want them to go from “woke” to the lies of the Left to “awakened” to the truth of America as a shining city on a hill.

America is the greatest place on earth to build a life, raise a family, succeed in business and fulfill your dreams. In their heart of hearts, black Americans know this. What is needed as an antidote to the socialist despair propagated by the Left is to stir the truth that lies deep in the hearts of our people until the extraordinary blessing of being an American captures their imagination.


According to a recent Pew Research report, black Democrats are “much more likely than white Democrats to associate belief in God with morality and less likely to say that same-sex marriage has been good for society.” Black Democrats are also “more likely than white Democrats to describe themselves as Christian and to attend religious services…”

There is a major disconnect between the most reliable black voters - Church going Christians - and the Democrat Party. That rift is wider than ever, but it has not been exploited. That is what we must do. We must expand that rift until it becomes a political tectonic shift that brings exploited minority voters into the hope of freedom and a fulfilling future for their children and grandchildren in the most prosperous nation on earth.

Black and minority voters have long been manipulated and used by the Democrat Party. Their message has been one of victimization and despair. It is time to release these Americans from psychological and spiritual captivity into the boundless future of freedom by restoring the vision of our beloved country as “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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