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Bishop E.W. Jackson, Chairman of STAND America PAC (“SAPAC”), has for decades been urging black voters to stop voting for Democrats. By the time this mid-term election is over, SAPAC will have run over 1000 ads on black radio stations for Senate races in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio and for Virginia congressional candidates Yesli Vega in the 7th and Jen Kiggans in the 2nd. The ads will continue through Election Day.

Says Jackson, “Black and Latino voters are turning away from Democrats toward Republicans who share their commitment to faith, family, public safety and educational choice for their children. They are also feeling the ravages of inflation.” The Bishop argues that black voters do not agree with Democrats on abortion and grooming school children with transgender and homosexual pornography and indoctrination. “Democrat policies are producing failing schools and unsafe streets in the inner city,” the Bishop argues. “Their children are falling father behind educationally. Nearly 10,000 black citizens were murdered in 2020, and those problems will only become worse if Democrats stay in power.”

In certain close Senate Races small shifts in the black vote can make the difference. Polling shows that Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams are losing black support by margins that would lead to their defeat if the trend continues. The PAC is advertising in Georgia against Abrams and Warnock. “In the 2021 elections in Virginia,” says Jackson, “fewer black voters turned out for Democrats and more voted Republican than in 2017. We also won back the House of Delegates. Otto Wachsmann, Republican, took the formerly Democrat 75th district which has a black population of 54%.”

Jackson believes that the Republican Party should invest more resources to target the black vote. According to Jackson, “This is one of the most cost effective political investments Republicans can make. The ads are relatively inexpensive, and according to Pew pollsters, advertising on black radio stations moves the needle because voters know you are speaking specifically to them. STAND America PAC is the only conservative organization pursuing this strategy. It’s paying off, and we’re going to stay at it.”


Go to to hear SAPAC radio ads.


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