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Warnock - Anti-Moral & Anti-Marriage

Stacey Abrams is spending millions of dollars stoking racial division, hoping that Democrat Senate candidates Warnock and Ossoff will be the beneficiaries. The Democrat Party has become the Party of racial demagoguery. They have sold that lie to black voters and other minorities hoping to take advantage of the demographic changes happening in Georgia and across the country.

According Pew Research, 70% of the growth of registered voters since the year 2000 has been among minorities - 48% black, 14% Hispanic and 8% Asians. Only 26% of the growth in registered voters has been among “white” citizens. In my worldview, that should not matter. What matters is the values those voters hold. For Democrats, what matters is the color of a person’s skin.

Raphael Warnock is expected to carry the black community just because he’s black and a Democrat. However his values do not comport with those of 80% of black voters. Here is another spot we are running to make voters aware of his anti-Christian stands.

Warnock’s former wife accused him of abuse, and said that he “puts on a good show.” He was arrested at a youth camp after abuse was alleged, and he interfered with the police investigation. As Tony Dungy said, Warnock may be a Pastor, but he is no Christian. If Warnock cannot be trusted in the pulpit of a church, the people of Georgia should not trust him on the floor of the US Senate.

We are already running this spot and two others all over Georgia. Help me run more of them with your best year-end donation.

For the Democrat Party, race is everything. They are banking on radicalizing minority voters by brainwashing them into believing that America is hopelessly racist, that all “white” people are “white supremacists” living off “white privilege.” Then they set the Left and the Democrat Party as the saviors of “people of color.” This is a perverse, manipulative and racist, not to mention a disgusting pack of lies.

The problem is that conservatives haven’t offered a systematic counter vision based on truth. That is what STAND is dedicated to doing. As you may know, we have a non profit 501(C)(3) dedicated to educating black and other minority voters and bringing us together around Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional principles. We also have a 501(C)(4) dedicated to doing political organizing and lobbying for policies which unite Americans around those principles.

These organizations will be front and center next year because there will be no national elections. That is the time to work with minority voters in a non-political educational context, something the conservative movement has not done consistently in the past. We are the only organization in America taking up that mission as our primary goal.

Today, I am writing to you under the aegis of our independent Super PAC - STAND America PAC. We support candidates who stand for our values. We oppose politicians and policies which are anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-constitutional, anti-free enterprise and anti-liberty.

Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff represent the latter. They must be stopped. They are depending on black and other minority voters to put them over the top. We are cutting into their base. Stacey Abrams has called what we are doing “voter suppression.” We call it exposing the truth which the mainstream media will not report. This is my last appeal for this election. Help us defeat these two Marxists with the most generous donation you can.

We are down to just a few days left, but we are increasing ad buys as money comes in. It is never too late to send in your contribution. Remember that this fight will not end here. We are going to hit the ground running next year. We will start organizing and advertising to reach these voters who the socialist Democrats are depending on to help them take over our country.

We will not wait until 2022 to start preparing for congressional elections in battle ground states with significant minority populations. We are going to reach those voters in 2021 before there are campaigns and candidates. If we wait until 2022, it will seem like pure politics. When we reach out to them between elections, we have a better chance of winning hearts and minds.

The battle is joined and we will not stop. There will be no surrender. Our country’s future is at stake.

Together we are going to redeem our country from these Marxists and awaken the American people to the beauty of our Constitutional Republic. We have the most successful governing system in history. We must vote out those who want to destroy it.

America does not need to be fundamentally transformed. We need to restore the fundamentals.

Thank you for taking a STAND with us. Your contributions have made all the difference, and I believe will help give us a narrow but decisive victory on January 5.

May God bless us to turn the corner next year and see our country coming back to faith, family and freedom as the pillars of our republic.

May you and your family have a blessed and Happy New Year.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. Chairman STAND America PAC

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