Warnock - Marxist Pastor

I’ve known for a long time that Marxism is infiltrating all of our institutions of cultural influence - public schools, colleges, universities, media, entertainment, and the corporate world. I suppose it should not surprise us that when you indoctrinate students with anti-American Marxist propaganda, those students bring that ideological poison to every endeavor and profession.

However, the church would be the one place you would expect to remain free from that kind of influence. After all, the church is based upon faith in God. Unfortunately, it is painfully obvious that Marxism is also infiltrating the church. Rev. Raphael Warnock, candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia, is the poster boy for apostasy.

He has somehow landed the position of Pastor in the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta. It is no exaggeration to say that Warnock is a confirmed communist. He has expressed admiration for Karl Marx, one of the most evil figures in modern history. Marxist thinking and influence is responsible for the murder of a hundred million people or more. Yet Warnock admires him and draws on his teaching. This so called minister wrote in his book, The Divided Mind of the Black Church:

“To be sure, the Marxist critique has much to teach the black church. Indeed, it has played an important role in the maturation of black theology as an intellectual discipline, deepened black theology’s apprehension of the interconnectivity of racial and class oppression and provided critical tools for a black church that has yet to awaken to a substantive third world consciousness.”

Karl Marx has “much to teach”? What we need is to discredit and unlearn the lessons of Marxism, not teach his destructive vision.

Marxism “has played an important role in the maturation of black theology”? There is no “black theology.” For the Christian, there is only biblical theology. To racialize the word of God is blasphemous. It is no different than when slave masters racialized Christianity to justify slavery. Warnock should be defrocked and fired as a Pastor, and the people of Georgia should not promote him to the US Senate.

We are advertising on seven Georgia stations to expose Warnock’s anti-Christian ideology. You can listen to this radio spot by clicking this link.

Marxism Spot >>

As more funds come in, we will increase the buys right up to and including January 5th, the day of the Senate run-off elections. Click the donate button to contribute to our effort.

Donate Here >>

Raphael Warnock does not need to be anywhere near the Senate. We know our radio spots are hitting the mark because two of the gospel stations we approached were resistant to running them. One station said the spots were “not loving.” That same station admitted they are running pro-Warnock spots. Another asked us to “prove” our allegations. They would not answer whether other political advertisers for the other side were asked to “prove” what they said. This is political speech, protected by the First Amendment. They cannot run one side and refuse to run the other. We’re doing more advertising on other stations to compensate. We are still reaching our target market. We will be filing formal complaints with the FCC against the two stations that refused our ads.

Aside from Atlanta and Savannah, the spots are averaging $20 each. Your contribution of $20 buys one spot. A contribution of $100, buys 5 spots, which covers an entire day. The more spots we run, the more our message will be heard. The more it is heard, the more impact it will have.

Give yourself one of the best Christmas gifts ever. Defeat these Marxist Democrats running for U.S. Senate. Keep Chuck Schumer from becoming Senate Majority leader. I can’t think of a better gift than that. Please make the most generous donation you can today.

Donate Here >>

Thank you for all you sacrifice to keep our nation free and prosperous. God bless you, and may He continue to bless the United States of America to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

For God & Country,

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. Chairman STAND America PAC

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