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Exodus Now - The Sequel

For most of our nation’s history, our future has not been in doubt. That has changed. Our greatest need right now is a President who loves our country, puts America first and upholds the Constitution, the rule of law and individual liberty. We need a President who will secure America’s future.


We need Donald Trump.


STAND America PAC has launched the  “SAVE  AMERICA - ELECT DONALD TRUMP” project. We are mobilizing Christians and black voters to vote from Trump.


Conservative Christian voters were essential to the Trump win in 2016 and they are essential to a win in 2024. Normally only 25% of them vote. We have to register more of these voters and mobilize them to vote for Trump.


Black voters are waking up to the disaster Democrats have brought upon them - broken families, poor education, high crime, illegal immigrants competing for jobs.


We must remind them that former President Trump created one of the greatest economies America has ever had, with the lowest unemployment numbers in American history for blacks and Hispanics. Income increased, good jobs increased and Americans no longer had to compete with illegal immigrants for jobs. Far from being a racist, he was great for the black community.


The media and the Democrat Party hate him, but President Trump gets the job done. 


We are launching our first video in March. It will be a sequel to a viral video first released by our Chairman a decade ago titled “Exodus Now.”  It called on the black community to leave the Democrat Party. It was seen by at least 2 million people. The new video is called “Exodus Now - The Sequel.” 

Democrats will try to frighten black voters to not vote for Trump telling them the well worn lie that he is a racist. We must not only counter that message but get ahead of it and put Democrats on the defensive.


The second video will be focused on Bible believing Christians. Democrats and their Leftist allies will try to pressure Christians’ to abandon Trump because of all of the false allegations manufactured against him.


As a former President, Donald Trump has a great track record of defending religious liberty.  We know that he will put Americans and our rights and well being first. He will secure the border, create an economy that works for middle income Americans, stand by Israel and our other allies and not sell us out to China or anyone else. Donald Trump defends our country and the American people. That’s why the deep state wants to destroy him. Therefore Christians must remain steadfast in our support.


As a Save America Partner you will get advance notice and screenings of all releases.


As the year progresses we will follow up with additional videos, social media memes, radio and TV spots and local events.


We are focusing our resources on five states:  


Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio. 


If Trump wins these critical states, he wins the presidency. The primary is already over, but polls show the national election is still close. Our task now is to make sure Donald Trump wins the general election.


This is an emergency. We are asking you to become a “Save America Partner” by making the most generous donation you can. We will do as much as resources will allow. 


Here are the Save America Partner levels:


George Washington - $1 million.

Thomas Jefferson - $500,000

James Madison - $100,000

George Mason - $50,000

Patrick Henry - $25,000

Alexander Hamilton - $10,000

Samuel Adams - $5000

Benjamin Franklin - $2500

John Adams - $1000

Minuteman - Any amount


George Soros and his anti-American cohorts will spare no expense toward the “fundamental transformation” of our country, which means the destruction of America as we know it. However, there are more with us than there are with them. We need to marshall our resources and mobilize our voters in unprecedented numbers. 


The goal is to raise and spend a million dollars in each of the five target states.


Any amount you give will be deeply appreciated. You can donate online here.


Or send checks to:



Attn: Bishop E.W. Jackson

1024 Centerbrooke Ln.

Ste. F-211

Suffolk, Virginia 23434


Our Chairman is a Marine Corps veteran. There is no quit in us. Let us all vow to fight for our country until we breathe our last breath. 


Victory is our only option, and we will accept nothing less.


To support candidates and policies which unite Americans across racial and cultural lines and uphold America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and values of faith in God, the family as revealed in the Bible, the sacredness of unborn life, individual liberty, private property, and limited government.


Electing people, passing legislation, and creating policies which foster an American culture which rejects identity politics, racial division, and Marxist ideology no matter its guise; and embracing the Judeo-Christian values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, faith in God, strengthening the Biblical model of family, protecting unborn life, creating prosperity and wealth through business and entrepreneurship, and restraining government to its constitutionally limited powers. 

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